Chunky Loafers are Taking Over the Street Style

Too early for boots, too cold for fancy shoes and definitely not in the mood for high heels – this fall we are discovering and loving chunky loafers. They look classic but they stand out from the mainstream.

This shoe style looks almost a bit moody as if they are saying “don’t mess with us”. Still most important thing to have in mind is that they are comfortable as sneakers ».

This autumn chunky loafers » come in a palette of different colors: you’ll find everything from classic black to beige, burgundy, brown, green tones.

A special detail of this season’s look is the color of the platform. There are models with a platform in the same color as the upper part or the loafer is dark while the sole in a lighter color.

There is also a real romance between loafers and striking socks », with polka dots, flowers, or white “sports” socks.

how to wear Prada chunky loafers how to wear platform loafers
Prada chunky loafers rule the gang
photo credit: @sofiamcoelho

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